Organize Your Garage in Style with the BirdRock Home 4 Bike Stand Rack with Storage

Discover the ultimate storage solution for your bikes and sporting equipment with the BirdRock Home 4 Bike Stand Rack with Storage. Designed to hold up to four bikes in a compact and freestanding design, this rack is perfect for your home, garage, porch, or business front. Say goodbye to the hassle of installing hooks or worrying about potential damage to your bike tires. This lightweight, heavy-duty rack keeps your bikes upright and secure, while also providing additional storage features to keep your garage organized. Experience convenience, durability, and versatility with this multi-purpose garage organizer.

Effortless Bike Storage:

The BirdRock Home 4 Bike Stand Rack offers a hassle-free and space-saving storage solution for your bikes. With the ability to hold up to four bikes upright, it accommodates road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, kid bikes, and small scooters. Gone are the days of struggling with wall hooks or risking damage to your bike. Simply park your bikes securely in this freestanding rack, giving you easy access and peace of mind.

Multi-Purpose Garage Organizer:

In addition to its bike storage capabilities, this rack offers a range of storage features to help you organize your garage. The top of the rack features an extra-wide basket, providing ample space for storing footballs, baseballs, basketballs, gloves, goggles, helmets, and more. Plus, the rack includes four movable hooks for hanging bicycle helmets, tennis rackets, baseball bats, and other sporting equipment. Customize the arrangement of the hooks based on your specific needs, creating a tailored storage solution.

Durable and Easy to Assemble:

Constructed from strong and durable steel, the BirdRock Home 4 Bike Stand Rack ensures long-lasting performance. It can safely store your bikes and sporting equipment for years to come. The rack is quick and easy to assemble with the included instructions, requiring only a Philips head screwdriver (tool not included). Enjoy a durable and reliable storage solution that stands the test of time.

Sleek Design and Specifications:

With its sleek black finish, this bike rack adds a touch of style to your garage or outdoor space. The lightweight steel construction strikes the perfect balance between strength and portability, allowing you to move the rack as needed. The dimensions of 10.5″D x 40″W x 4.5″H provide ample space for four bikes while maintaining a compact footprint. Weighing just 19.6 lbs., the rack is easy to maneuver and position.


Take control of your garage organization with the BirdRock Home 4 Bike Stand Rack with Storage. Its freestanding design, durable construction, and multi-purpose storage features make it the ideal solution for storing your bikes and sporting equipment. Say goodbye to clutter and enjoy the convenience of having everything in one place. Invest in this stylish and practical bike rack to transform your garage into a well-organized space. Experience the desire for efficiency and order with the BirdRock Home 4 Bike Stand Rack, your ultimate storage solution.

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